The people from the animated Star Wars Resistance present will get a line of motion figures in spring 2019.

Hasbro uncovered Thursday early morning in the course of New York Comic-Con that there will be a line of three.75-inch toys that function each and every character in the anime-impressed design of Star Wars Resistance. 

Each and every of the solitary figures will value $eight (about £5 or AU$10), whilst the offers which incorporate Poe Dameron with BB-eight and Jarek Yeager with his droid Bucket will value $13. The types incorporate:

Direct character Kazuda Xiono, voiced on the present by Christopher Sean.


A two-pack with Poe Dameron, voiced by Oscar Issac, and BB-eight.


Commander Pyre, a 1st Purchase Stormtrooper officer outfitted in a black and gold armor.


Torra Doza, a aggressive pilot voiced by Myrna Velasco.


The salvager Synara San.


Main Vonreg, who’s voiced by Lex Lang on the present and flies a custom made crimson TIE fighter.


Jarek Yeager and his droid Bucket, obtainable in a two-pack.


And a 1st Purchase stormtrooper in that vintage white armor.


Star Wars Resistance premieres this Sunday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the Disney Channel.

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